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Click here to download a description of the above transit collage.

The Blue Sky Observatory is involved in astronomical research on extrasolar planets and in bringing interesting articles to the web on the topic of extraterrestrial life and the prospect of us finding it. Please feel free to download the available articles and tell us what you think. You can direct that feedback to The Sky Guy at "blueskyobservatory (at) the sky guy (dot) org"

Articles written by The Sky Guy that may be of interest are:

Click here to download the Fermi Paradox article.

Click here to download the "Insights Gained From Extrasolar Planetary Systems" paper on extrasolar planets.

Some of the latest photos from the The Sky Guy are:

M 31: The Andromeda Galaxy

M 42: The Orion Nebula

NGC 891

M 45: The Pleiades

M 37

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